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 said on
September 4, 2012
Haha, the rich guy here sounds exactly like Gina Rinehart, an Aus mining heiress who recently said the poor should stop complaining about being poor and go to work.
 said on
September 7, 2012
Crusty 138,

Yes it's the old go-to grumblings of the 有产阶级, that those poor old sods who constantly complaining and just get a job. As if getting a minimum wage job as a telemarketer or burger flipper is going to solve the problem that the 无产阶级 haven't got a pot to make water in and that many spend 14-18 hours working and see their families about 2 hours per week, have no idea nor control over what's happening with their kids and have no time or money to get an education to raise up their circumstances.

Asinine statements like those from Gina Reihard absolutely make my skin crawl and my blood boil!

Why doesn't our friend Miss Reinhard trade places with one of them for a year or two and see how long she'd last.
 said on
September 12, 2012
這次播客的對話太有趣了~ 大家加油吧!
 said on
September 19, 2012
Wow!, superbly put. Gina Rinehart comes from a wealthy family and has absolutely no idea about the 'real' world, or the struggles that come with it.

It saddens me as an Australian to have people like her making comments that are so insensitive to real life issues.

Sure, if we all inherited a billion dollar empire, we could easily do things in a better way.

My apologies for these cretins!
 said on
September 21, 2012

Gina Rinehart is, as you said, sitting behind a billion dollar empire that she inherited. Which means that she never had to do anything in her life to get the empire running, which is...the difficult and risky part. There's little to no risk if you just need to keep it running, at that point it's all just maintenance. Yet that cretin Gina Rinehart continues to display her utter lack of intelligence for the world as she makes comments that make it seem as if, just getting a job is enough to get rich.

She's totally disconnected from the real world or real people's conditions.

The discredits herself all the more with every word.

The world is waiting with baited breath to see what ignorant statements are in store for us next.
 said on
April 1, 2015
在”总是这套抱怨”这个句子里,套有什么用?是不是”set", 比如说:"it's always the same set of complaints?”
 said on
April 1, 2015
@sulisha217 - exactly. It implies that what was said is tireworn, easily predictable or trite. Often heard as 别来这套, or 他说的都是一大套客气话, etc....
 said on
April 2, 2015

Got it, thanks!