You may have noticed the lack of Chinese people on the Death Star. Or anywhere near the Death Star for that matter. While some film critics write this down to racism on the part of director George Lucas, we prefer to think of it as a compliment to the general sense of the Han people. After all, when the only alternative is launching a suicide mission against an armored battle station the size of a small moon, and said battle station is run by a megalomaniac half-robot with magic powers, it makes sense to get out while the going is good.

Our lesson today is another Chinese listening test at the advanced level. As with our previous tests, we recommend listening to our dialogue a single time and then clicking through to our quiz page to see how much you actually understood. Our questions are tricky, but we've included a manually annotated Chinese transcript and vocabulary list as always for those seeking enlightenment. Good luck!
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October 29, 2010
大家好, If you like the death star, you've got to watch this, 太好玩儿